Recenzja programu BBC Lifestyle – Glamour Puds


„Glamour Puds” is a program on BBC Lifestyle in which renowned pastry chef Eric Lanlard prepares exquisite desserts, as the title suggests.

In this programme, the French heartthrob and long-time resident of Great Britain, Eric Lanlard, who is a favourite of many British showbiz stars and even the royal court, creates magnificent desserts.

I had the pleasure of watching the pre-premiere episode titled „chocolate”. In this episode, we can see the preparation of two desserts – a chocolate tart and chocolate cake with pears marinated in red wine.

Before making the tart, Eric Lanlard takes us to his workshop where he handcrafts chocolates. And before preparing the cake with pears, he takes us to a pastry workshop where participants, under his watchful eye, prepare a Sachertorte.

His two signature desserts, created before our eyes, are true masterpieces. Surprisingly simple ingredients transform into works of art. The finishing touches are the icing on the cake.

I was enchanted by the way Eric talks about his sweets. One cannot help but notice the sparkle in his eyes and the velvety quality of his voice. He simply loves what he does.

I really enjoy the whole format of the show, with its division into two parts and the introduction of each section with a separate story or event. I also appreciate the musical accompaniment and the setting where Lanlard prepares his desserts – clean, transparent, with beautiful floral decorations in the background. All of this makes the show very enjoyable to watch, even without precise ingredient proportions in the famous pastry chef’s recipes. It did not diminish my great pleasure in watching the pre-premiere episode of „Glamour Puds”.

I would like to express my gratitude to the editors of for making this opportunity possible.

Dorota Urbańska


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